Oil School


Welcome to the our tribe!  A tribe based on support, nurturing and natural wellness.  This is where you can watch and read essential oil / aromatherapy information at your own pace.


If you have just ordered your essential oil kit, work through our 2-4 minute video resources below which focus the a key oils and highlight some great tips and ideas on how to use them in your home.

Team Bliss have also compiled a some helpful 1-2 minute video demonstrations showing you how to make a range of natural cleaning products, beauty products and basic recipes.

  • How to make a beautiful vinaigrette
  • How to make a natural air freshener for the bathroom
  • How to make a hydrating face mist
  • How to make a roller bottle blend
  • How to make a natural aftershave
  • How to make natural bath salts
  • How to select your oils for spiritual practices
  • How to select your oils intuitively
  • How to make a foaming hand soap



doTTERRA have created some wonderful ebooks for you to download in both audible and PDF versions.  Work your way through this resource library at your own pace.  Perhaps select a new book to read or listen to each week!

Click here to visit the ebook library.



Below are several PDF resources full of extra information to support you on your journey into the magical world of essential oils (plant medicine).



Ongoing support is what makes doTERRA different.  We encourage you to email questions to the person who enrolled you or  willow@hellobliss.com.au

Plus join our Hello Bliss Facebook page and broader support groups or our members only page so you can continue to learn, ask questions and feel supported.

Be empowered to create your own success knowing your are supported every step of the way.  doTERRA have created some supportive guides you can use to lead your team of users, sharers and builders in learning about our products or the business.  Click here to download the LIVE, SHARE, BUILD, TRAIN, LEAD, MULTIPLY, LAUNCH guides.

If you are feeling drawn to share the oils and what you are learning with your connections reach out and join our mission to detox lives so we can raise the vibration of humanity together!


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