Meditation for me is a journey into the soul where you can meet and connect to your divine light and the love which is everything and everybody.  It allows stillness and clarity which opens your soul to the universal vibration of love and oneness.

Meditation has become one of the main rituals serving me in bountiful ways each day.  It provides a space to surround myself in pure awareness and love.  Free from the continued tapping of thoughts about the past or the future, things which are actually non-existent.

Worrying about the future or the past is simply limiting your potential for a positive reality in the given moment.  If we can learn to starve our thoughts of energy, we can start to quieten the mind and the blurred projections we send into reality about not only ourselves but others and situations.

We can escape the suffering created by the tornado of thoughts whirling around most human minds.  Minds full of stories, fantasies, doubts, fears and judgments, all of which are vibrating at a very low frequency causing blockages and tension in the body.  Quieting the mind of these thoughts naturally clears the way for high vibrational emotional states such as joy, hope and love.  It allows space for Shakti and Shiva to unite in the body for a union of estatic bliss.

The benefits of meditation are deep on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, thus depending on your intention and desired outcome… meditation is a very personal and different journey for each of us.

  • Remove and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Calm your nervous system and release physical ailments
  • Improve concentration and become less reactive
  • Release emotional blockages and trauma
  • Reconnect body and mind so you can learn to feel again
  • Reconnect with nature and universal rhythms
  • Connect with the divine… radiate truth and love


1:1 Meditation Facilitation

Email me now to book your 1:1 facilitation so I can intuivively guide you in developing your own home practice.

$65 / 1 hour

$195 / 4 sessions


Guided Practice Online

Experience a simple breathing practice to support both emotional and physical detoxing through the breath.  Click here.


Weekly Meditation Circle  

Gather weekly to enjoy the bliss of group meditation & connection.  Our supportive space provides you with a safe place to learn & develop a meaningful practice that you can take home & incorporate into your daily life.

The power of sharing a held meditation space will enhance your learning, deepen your experience & provide a supportive yogic home to check into weekly.

Together we will connect in circle to help decrease stress, improve sleep, maintain concentration, promote calmness, create connection & inner peace.

Contact me now for dates.

Wise Food Cafe ~ Upstairs Studio: 1/177 Avoca Drive, Avoca Beach NSW

$130 / 4 week block (or by donation if you can not afford the group rate)

Email me to book your space x


“Through meditation, in particular group meditation we can reach a critical mass of higher consciousness and a knowing that we are all one.’ ~ Willow Petersen