Kundalini Dance

Tantric Energy Practices for Ecstatic Awakening

Through movement we can sensually embody the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies within us for transformation, healing and ecstatic celebration.

Kundalini Dance™ is an ecstatic embodiment practice for women and men of all ages and fitness levels. The requirement for anyone who is engaging in the practice is to have a deep desire for spiritual connection and personal transformation. If that soul longing for freedom is present, the keys that will be shared with you through this practice will have life changing results.

Both women and men can reclaim their sensuality and activate their Kundalini Shakti (creative life force energy) which will stir the creative fires of our sacred desires and start you on your path to discovering and following your own personal truth and essence.

This building of mama gaia’s feminine energy (kundalini) when joined with the divine masculine consciousness of the suns solar shiva energy will open you to the power of the divine union and the birth right of love, bliss and community.  Put simply… the polarity of masculine and feminine energy is a powerful conduit for transformation.

This is the alchemy of the two, The Divine Feminine clears out the old and the Divine Masculine brings in the new.

Through the use of movement, tantric breath, authentic sound and ritual, you will be guided how to:

  • cultivate your sexual energy
  • clear emotional blockages
  • transform wounds of love
  • re-pattern fear based beliefs
  • develop  you intuitive wisdom
  • develop a deeper state of presence
  • connect and witness others in a deeply sacred and unconditional way
  • laugh, dance, sing, scream, shake and feel more deeply than you can imagine



8 Week Alchemical Chakra Journey – Group ($240.00 / 8 x 2 hour sessions)

The best way to experience the powerful healing and joy Kundalini Dance can bring to your life is by participating in my 8 week journey series where we dance each of the main chakras in the body…  as we purify and cleanse each energy centre we create space for the kundalini to rise up through our central energy channel.

As we clear room and remove the drose in our bodies we make space for solar consciousness to embody and support us.  It enters our body in the form of love and light.   When our kundalini energy unites with solar energy we feel the estatic bliss of this offering.

The depth of this program varies largely for each individual based on experiences, openness, state of mind etc…  but everyone is guaranteed to shake up and break up cellular imprints that no longer serve.  Happiness and connection are also a promised result.

Please email me for dates for my next 8 week series.

90 Minute Alchemical Session for Transformation – 1:1 ($120/90 min)

During this session we will connect and feel into your body.  Using any emotions, or physical discomfort or pain as messages from your body… messages that wish to be felt and expressed fully so they can be released and the story of your past is no longer part of your current reality.  You break the pattern of looping in stories that no longer serve you.

As your witness I will hold the space for you to intimately feel and express your pain/emotions which will be drawn out using sacred tools of meditation, goddess embodiment, breath work, movement and sound.

This practice is profound and life changing.  Please email me to book your private session.

Public Events (Prices Vary)

Experience ecstatic dance and a powerful, shamanic, alchemical transformational tool for self-healing in my one of introductory Kundalini Dance Journeys. Using your authentic sound, movement and tantric breath practices you will be guided through your own transformational process into a deeper state of presence.

If you enjoy these journeys I encourage you to take the practice deeper and embark on the full program as we dance each chakra.

Please email me for upcoming dates or visit my Facebook events page.

What To Bring

Loose comfortable clothes.  Long dresses, flowing pants and layers work well plus something to keep you warm at the conclusion of our dance journey.  Please bring a water bottle and a yoga mat if you have one plus an open mind and heart.


My heart can not wait to dance with yours,

Willow x