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Essential oils are modern day magical potions that have been used since ancient times for wellness, cooking and cleaning. They are in essence the natural aromatic compounds found in plants… the seeds, the bark, the stems, the roots, the flowers and all parts of our flora. It is these naturally occurring chemical compounds which provide us with therapeutic benefits which can literally blow you into a new realm of wellness and vitality!

Mother nature is more than capable of providing all that we need to ensure we are protected, able to reproduce and able to regenerate the cells of our body.

For me, I started using essential oils to promote clean living free from toxic chemicals. I wanted to support my family’s health naturally and reduce our environmental footprint. They are now such a big part of our daily routine it’s hard to imagine a life without them. Plus they smell so blardy gooood!

It’s seems there is a large awakening… and people are seeking more and more natural alternatives to support their health and their families well being. Intuitively we often look to nature for simple solutions without even realising it. Think about the honey, ginger and lemon we seek to support colds and congestion. The peppermint tea we reach to after an indulgent meal to aid digestion or the tea tree oil we dab on bites or blemishes to help ease pain and heal! Magical potions are the bomb!

Daily I use my oily potions to support a home full of calmness, balance and wellness. I’ve created a home that has a reduced toxic load to ensure optimal health for my family.

How?  Here are a just a few ideas:

  • Daily detoxing and immune and digestive support (Try lemon oil in your water each morning)
  • Balancing moods and raising my energy levels (Consciously drink citrus water throughout the day and diffuse lavender for relaxation)
  • Cooking natural treats and tasty meals with a therapeutic punch (Try peppermint oil in your bliss balls)
  • Cleaning the house and doing the laundry (Protective blend and lemon oil make a great bench top cleaner)
  • Natural first aid support (Support the healing of cuts, bites and seasonal discomforts)
  • Grounding and joyful blends (To support my yoga practice, help me sleep and create a peaceful environment)
  • Natural personal hygiene (Use your oils as your perfume and deodorant)
  • Visit the Hello Bliss OIL SCHOOL for more ideas!



doTERRA, which means gift of the earth, produce essential oils which are amongst the purest and safest oils available in the world. This took me a few years to discover after trying various other products on the market, however now after using doTERRA I feel confidently empowered to take charge of my family’s health and make decisions based on how I feel – as I know my body and my family better than anyone!

doTERRA’s little bottles of magic are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which means they must meet a high standard of quality set for purity, potency and consistency to yield industry quality. Each bottle of oil goes through rigorous testing to assure the presence of desired therapeutic qualities and to ensure they are completely pure and free from contaminates.  The words synthetics and fillers don’t even belong in the same sentence as doTERRA.

doTERRAs co-impact sourcing policy ensures plants are sourced from a global network of artisans. Plants are sourced from their local habitat to guarantee potency and to ensure that the plants have been cared for by locals who have sourced and grown the particular plant for generations. Harvesting the right part of the plant at the right time also plays a vital role in determining the quality of an essential oil. By using the knowledge and skill of local artisans doTERRAs quality is awe-inspiring, plus they help create an industry within the local community. So why doTERRA, because they are helping health conscious individuals find safe alternatives whilst also lifting entire communities and giving them a future! LOVE!


If you are passionate about detoxing your world and becoming more proactive in your healthcare then I suggest you get oily with the rest of us!

Become your own alchemist and choose nature’s way to take care of your health. Essential oils are cheaper, safer and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs and ongoing doctors visits. Their delectable aroma is also hard to ignore!  Here is how you can get your therapeutic grade essential oils:


This is the best way to get the low down on the basics. Hello Bliss run regular “Magical Potions for Natural Wellness” workshops or alternatively I can personalise this workshop for you, your staff or your family and friends. Let me know the best date and location and I’ll jump on my broom stick and aim to get to you!  Enquire

Buy Wholesale

Creating your own wholesale account is a great way to get your oils. Once you create your account you will receive 25% off retail prices every time you buy your bottles of goodness.

The enrollment is AU$35 to set up and then you can select the single oils, blends and products as you need them. doTERRA offer a range of enrollment kits which are a great way to start your oil collection, plus it means the enrollment fee is waived!

If you feel confident jump on an enrol now and I will be in touch to authentically support and guide you as you learn how to get the most out of your essential oils. Otherwise feel free to email me and I can talk to you further, or arrange a 1:1 consult either face to face or over the phone.

Easy Online Steps:

  • To enrol click here
  • Click on the “Join and Save” tab at the top of the page
  • Select “English” and “Australia” (If you are living in Australia/Select your country)
  • Select the local “OTG” option
  • Select “wellness advocate” prices (the same benefits as a wholesale customer however you have the opportunity in the future to earn commissions if you ever decide to)
  • Enter your details as prompted
  • Enter the enroller ID: 2571949 (When you verify this it will come up with Kylie Davies)
  • Select your preferred kit options and process order (Read about earning FREE oils below)


Loyalty Rewards Program

When you set up a wholesale account you have the option to join the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) to be rewarded for making on-going monthly purchases. You will receive product points from regular purchases that can be redeemed for doTERRA products. The longer you participate the more points you earn. You can also receive a FREE product each month when you loyalty rewards order totals 125 points value (PV) and ships before the 15th of the month. There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel at any time.  Learn More

Buy Retail

If you are keen to just grab a few oils here and there you can shop for your magical potions in my retail store.  Shop Now


Join me on my mission to spread the word about the power of Mother Nature in the process of wellness. You too can help empower others to take control of their own well being by becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate who is keen to build an oily empire. Wanna know more? Message me and we can get your oily mission started today.  Ask How


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