Willow ~ Conscious Living | Embodiment | Healing | Lemurian Energy

I am an alchemical priestess of the new earth.  I am have dedicated my life and service to the awakening of humanity. My purpose is to support all beings in opening, trusting and finding their true essence.

I trust in natural healing rituals surrounding plant medicine, dance, yoga, meditation, bodywork, kundalini energy and ancient philosophy, to allow your body to balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.  My daily practices are devotional healing tools I use to clear emotional and physical blockages.

My journey has been filled with both moments of pure bliss and moments of extreme lows – they need each other to exist. Hence, I am gratefully walking, crawling, skipping and dancing my way on this earthy path to reach deeper within, into the safety of my soul… my truth. My path is unfolding before me, without forcing, without a plan just naturally evolving and providing me with the opportunity to grow, share and love.

Embodying the goddess, opening my heart and loving myself completely, has solidified awareness of the new dawn of spiritually which is erupting to enrich our existence.

Life can offer everyone:

  • A vibrant healthy body and abundance in all areas
  • Deep connections, nourishing relationships and a soulful experiences
  • Love, gratitude, peace and happiness
  • Awareness, freedom, spiritual growth, transformation and oneness

My offerings:

  • Kundalini Dance Facilitation & Alchemical Healing Journeys | 1:1 | Group
  • Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Meditation Facilitator | 1:1 | Group
  • Reiki Healing & Space Cleansing
  • Essential Oil Education and doTERRA Business Mentor
  • Workshops, re-wilding adventures, retreats and Soul Circles

Previously, I have worked in the fitness and tourism industries as a personal trainer and marketing manager. However, after trusting my intuition and the yearning I felt for a life filled with deep connection to earth… I am once again creating a life full of purpose.

My truth, my heart and the divine show me the way.  As a child,  I felt this, a belonging to the land.  It was my home and my heart beat.  Growing up on 180 acres of Australian bush land climbing trees, swimming in dams, talking to animals and sleeping under the stars, I was full, wild and free!  I was a child of Lemuria making potions, rituals and bush huts.

Somewhere between this pure innocence of childhood and my early thirties, I got caught up in self sabotaging habits, practices and the rat race.  Society had somehow captured me and the moments I spent experiencing earths magic became less frequent but also unconscious outings lacking any kind of devotion to pachamama.  Life was good, but lacked depth and my inner world was tainted with feelings of unworthiness, not belonging and not being good enough.  Self-love did not exist.

Time for change.

When the yearning got loud enough – I finally started to listen and consciously change the direction of my existence.  I devoted my mornings to nature.  I started studying and practicing meditation, yoga, ayurveda, energy and aromatherapy and naturally commenced cleansing my being on a deep cellular and emotional level.  These tools and rituals are now what I share.

Are you ready?

If you are open to the power of energetic healing, purification and transformation, lomi lomi bodywork, reiki and Kundalini Dance are an amazing offerings I also share daily in an effort to support the awakening of a new humanity.

I call in the divine mother and father and ask that I may always be an instrument of love, conduit of energy and expression of divinity, this is my prayer.  I am of service to the new way, the old way, to Mama Gaia and Solar Consciousness.

Ask yourself this one question: “Is more of the same acceptable?”  Just meditate on the ideas that arise and go from there.

Start your journey.

Want to chat, want to know more, want to collaborate?  Click here to connect. I am always learning, listening and open to new ideas to help spread the forgotten message of ancient wisdom.

Much Love,

Willow x

BSocSc – Newcastle University | HH Dip (Ayur) | Advanced Aromatherapy – David Crow| Meditation Teacher Training (60hr) – Byron Yoga  | Reiki 2 Practitioner | Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi | Kundalini Alchemy Dance Facilitator | Cert III and IV in Fitness

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