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My purpose is to support open hearted humans in reaching a healthy and holistic version of themselves. Guided by my ever growing intuition, I trust in natural healing rituals surrounding diet, yoga, meditation, essential oils, bodywork, energy and ancient philosophy, to allow your body to balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Working and playing with gorgeous souls who are ready to take control of their journey, conquer fear and create a life full of bliss makes me feel happy. My journey has been filled with both moments of pure bliss and moments of extreme lows – they need each other to exist. Hence, I am gratefully walking this earthy path of highs and lows to reach deeper within, into the safety of my soul/my truth. My path is now naturally unfolding before me for the first time in my life, without forcing, its simply providing me with the opportunity to share the blissful amazingness as it arises within.

I have surrounded myself with some inspiring teachers and friends whom I continue to learn and heal from daily. The wisdom has been life changing for me and I hope that I can bring some of this wisdom into my work to offer you authentic guidance towards creating the best version of yourself.

Personally, I have opened my heart and have truly started to love myself, which opens the door to universal oneness and awareness.  With a devotion to daily practices I have cleared many emotional and physical blockages and symptoms. All of this happened through dedication to simple daily rituals and plant based power.

Life can offer everyone:

  • A vibrant healthy body and abundance in all areas
  • Deep connections, nourishing relationships and a soulful experiences
  • Love, gratitude, peace and happiness
  • Awareness, freedom and oneness


My offerings:

  • Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Meditation Facilitator | 1:1 | Group
  • Reiki Healing & Space Cleansing
  • Essential Oil Education and doTERRA Business Mentor
  • Workshops and Soul Circles
  • Kundalini Dance Facilitation | 1:1 | Group (Info Coming Soon)


Previously, I have worked in the fitness and tourism industries as a personal trainer and marketing manager. Now, after trusting my gut and avoiding external distractions I am creating a life full of purpose, I follow my interests, the things that truly make me feel alive and vibrate at higher frequencies.

I completed a diploma in Ayurveda in 2015, which I continue to incorporate into my life daily.  I have a daily meditation and yoga practice and completed my Meditation Teacher Training in Byron Bay in 2016.

Aromatherapy continues to bring me much joy and ridiculous results on an emotional and cellular level.  In 2016 I also completed my aromatherapy advanced training with David Crow and continue to mentor inspiring doTERRA business leaders.

Plus if you are open to the power of energetic healing, lomi lomi bodywork and reiki are an amazing offerings I share daily so I can vibrationally support the world and its people.  I completed formal training and attunement in early 2018.

These things have made a huge difference in re-shaping my mind and physical well being. From this place of peace, I know I am where I am meant to be, offering, sharing and supporting people to do the same.

Ask yourself this one question: “Is more of the same acceptable?”  Just meditate on the ideas that arise and go from there.  Want to chat, want to know more, want to collaborate?  I am always learning, listening and open to new ideas to help spread the forgotten message of ancient wisdom.  Much Love, Willow x  Email Me

BSocSc – Newcastle University | HH Dip (Ayur) | Advanced Aromatherapy – David Crow | Meditation Teacher Training (60hr) – Byron Yoga  | Reiki 2 Practitioner | Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi | Cert III and IV in Fitness

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