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Energy, it talks before words have even been exchanged… it’s real and it’s powerful and the more in-tune you become with yourself and your surrounds the more likely you are going to start to experience the difference between positive and negative energy.

Do you recall a time you entered a space and you instantly felt light and uplifted, or perhaps felt overwhelmingly depleted and drained?  Either way, this is you responding to the energy of that environment.

Over time there can be a build up of old emotional and physical energy in our homes or work environment.  If this energy remains stagnant and heavy, it will most definitely make it hard to create anything new and open the space to happiness and growth.

Low vibrational energy can have a horrid impact on not only a humans emotional and physical wellbeing, but it can also have an impact on pets and plants living in the same space.

In order to create a flowing and abundant life, your environment needs to be clear from any kind of energetic build up.  Finances, relationships, health and sleep can all be affected by toxic energetic spaces.  

Clearing spaces can become a beautiful ritualistic practice you can easily perform when you feel your home, hotel room or work place is holding onto negative energy.  It may be that you do a clearing with each change of season, following an intense time of conflict or sickness or after the visit from someone who felt heavy and draining.

It is a simple practice that anyone, from any background can do.  I can assure you it will inspire you, uplift you and create a feeling of flow and freshness in your space.

There are several tools people use for clearing or smudging as the Native Americans traditionally called it.   Some techniques include:

  • reiki
  • smudging using a bunch of dry herbs such as white sage
  • smudging using a stick of palo santo
  • sound healing
  • crystals

I really enjoy smudging as I have a love for the aroma of palo santo, sage and the smoky haze they create! 

However, there are quiet a few people who do not appreciate the smell and smokiness of smudging – particularly those who have allergies or want to avoid fire/ash and open flames in their home/office.

For this reason, smudging or cleansing with essential oils is a great and safe alternative which will enable you to still gain the benefits of ritualistically clearing your chosen space.

Clearing negative energy using essential oils can be done in a few simple ways:

  • diffuse essential oils high in cleansing and clearing properties
  • add essential oils to a glass spray bottle with filtered water and lightly spray the area you wish to cleanse

If you appreciate formalising your cleansing practice you can set clear intentions prior to starting the process.  You could formally call in the elements and ask them to support the oils/you in transmuting old stagnant energy in order to bring balance back into the space.  This balance will support new growth and flow.

Smudging usually begins at the point of entry and you consciously work your way around the space in a clockwise direction, you could follow a similar pattern if using a spray bottle, or simply leave the diffuser to do its thing.

All essential oils offer high vibrational frequencies and the ability to cleanse the air of airborne pathogens and low vibrational energy.

Here are a few of my go to essential oils for clearing space:

  • lemon: cleansing, purifying, uplifts moods
  • purify cleansing blend: designed to cleanse a space of environmental threats
  • juniper berry: cleansing and grounding physically and energetically.  Dispels negative emotional energy
  • frankincense: works on subtle energies and the body
  • cypress:  purify surrounding energy while uplifting vibration levels
  • peppermint: clears tension and negative vibes
  • cedarwood:  spiritual strength to attach negative energies

Smudging and clearing space is not just for hippies.  It’s something we have done for centuries… think of the annual spring clean – we open the windows and clean our homes with eucalyptus and lemon!

Make this practice as casual or ritualistic as feels right for you. 

Enjoy walking into your space feeling and knowing the vibration is high and the air is pure… enjoy the smudging… without the smoke and fire.

W xx

Need pure and ethical essential oils?  Message me here.

Image: http://www.quantumstarhealing.com.au

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