SOUND: Therapeutic Healing Vibes

Sound is one of life’s most primitive healing modalities.  Its deep and transformation through the use of therapeutic vibrations.  It can move you, trigger emotions, connect you with the divine, raise your vibration and calm & slow the nervous system.

Sound and music have been used since ancient times for ceremony, ritual and healing.  The beauty of this is in that its such a non-intrusive method to release stress, blockages and physical ailments.

You need not be stressed or in a state of dis-ease to feel the benefits of sound either.  Vibrations promote harmony in the body and soul, they elevate moods and energy levels and promote deep relaxation and happiness.  Think about how you feel when a beautiful song streams from the radio…  instantly through sound of music and voice you feel better!  If however you are showing signs of stress, anxiety or physical pain, sound therapy is an alternative that can offer natural ancient relief.

People experiencing healings or group sound rituals have reported feelings of relaxation, improved sleep, improved memory function, mental clarity and energetic vitality.  Others suggest that many of their physical symptoms of discomfort in the body have decreased.

Traditional tools such as gongs, dejembes, wind chimes, didgeridoos, singing bowls and of course voice are all used in sound healing sessions or rituals.  Depending on the instrument used, we can be affected differently on a cellular level by the vibrations transmitted.

This occurs as we and all life are comprised of vibrating atoms.  Our brain waves are the perfect example of a vibrational state that can be altered by sound.  Hence by listening to music you can alter your brain waves to experience relaxation, meditative and trace like states to promote heighten everything.  These states are also felt in your physical body on a cellular level.

The use of voice in the form of mantra is one of my favourites – especially group kirtan.  Which is when group gather to sing mantras (usually in Sanskrit) to create peace, connection and healing.  Chanting as a group or repeatedly, immediately starts to raise the vibrational energy in a room and in your body.  This heightened vibration is a place of pure bliss.

Why are most mantras are sung in Sanskrit?  The reason is that Sanskrit is said to reflect the primal sounds through which the entire universe is created, as per the writings of Dr David Frawley.

It’s an ancient vibrational language which can connect you to the divine through a precise combination of vibrations patterns and sounds made using the Sanskrit alphabet.  Many says Sanskrit is the mother language, its pure and sacred poetry. In Vedic understanding all creation is vibration, hence the vibration of such a sacred speech can direct the mind to our spiritual heart and connect us with the divine source.

You may like to combine English and Sanskrit mantras and chants into your daily practices to help bring mindfulness and connection to the divine to your life.  Using a string of words in English that offers beautiful meaning to you, can also vibrate towards a positive emotional response – therefore have just as much meaning as a high vibrational Sanskrit sound.

Yoga teachers, meditation facilitators and musicians guiding us through kirtan are not simply using Sanskrit to demonstrate how clever and worldly they are…  they have spent time learning and practicing the pronunciation of these names, words and chants to bring to you a sacred offering of ancient healing and significance.

To be a yogi you do not need to have massed the Sanskrit alphabet or be able to pronounce every asana or mantra you read.  But you can start to appreciate the vibrational perfection of the language and the power behind the primal sounds you hear.

Sound of course is not the only natural way to raise your vibration and heal the body on an emotional and physical level.  As I mentioned above, everything has been created by a universal vibration – earth, air, fire, water and ether are all vibrational.  Everything is made up of the 5 elements and consequently is vibrational.

If you would like to read more on vibrations please click here to read about the vibrational frequencies of essential oils, herbs and food on my blog.



Would you like to experience a unique and transformational sound healing experience?

I’ve collaborated with a friend on mine Matt Omo otherwise known as The Gong Guru to offer oil lovers a special rate when attending any of his workshops.

Matt runs sound healing workshops up and down the East Coast of Australia and I encourage you to give it a go.  I have had several wonderful sessions both of which moved me in numerous ways causing me to release many trapped emotions and habits.

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Dr David Frawley
Image: Kit Sutherland

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