BLISS BOMB: Natural Winter Bliss

Winter is here and to be honest I am just as happy about this as I was to welcome beautiful summer days.

Every season offers us such and opportunity to live slightly differently and nurture our body and soul in different ways.  Winter is a time we see nature start to slow, plants and animals alike begin to retreat and the long darken season of rest is embraced. When the middle of winter hits we know Kapha season is here.

Winter has begun to take a new shape for me personally over the past few years…  as I embrace it more and enjoy the opportunity to direct more energy within, to rest, be gentle and restore.

This does not mean however that Ill remain dormant on the couch…  quiet the opposite.  It means I will enjoy the slight shift in my waking and sleeping times – rising with the sun and retreating not long after sunset.   These shorter days are to be cherished, as quite cosy evenings reading, studying or practicing your asana and meditation give your entire being nourishment and stillness.

It means I will also stay active and social during the colder months, to avoid feeling stagnant, heavy, damp and unmotivated.  Venturing into the cold crisp winter air, plunging in the ocean or walking in the rain is exhilarating and helps you remain connected with nature and your inner child.  It also helps to cleanse and clear excess kapha build up in the body.

In ayuveda the seasons can either pacify or aggravate your bodies inner make up (constitution).  Hence it is important that we look to control these seasonal imbalances so we remain healthy and happy no matter what the weather!

By adapting your diet and lifestyle activities to suit your consitutional make up and the season you can ensure your body has the best chance of staying healthy.

A big part of this is supporting our bodies immune system during winter to avoid the additional onslaught of bacterial and viral infections (think essential oils and herbs here) Plus eating healing meals like soups, kitchari and casseroles.  Then… embrace the slow, but remain active.

The use of plant medicine to stay balanced and healthy was once common practice.  Herbs and aromatic plants were used in homes daily to support immune and respiratory function.  Today we are relearning how to use these magical gifts.

Here are a few ideas on how I use essential oils/herbs to support immune function on a daily basis:

  • Take 2 drops of ON GUARD protective blend each day.  Alternatively 1-2 beadles of ON GUARD each day.
  • When the sniffles begin I will always be sure to apply 2 drops of ON GUARD on the bottoms of feet before we leave the house each morning.
  • I will also diffuse ON GUARD as it smells divine but also kills any airborne lurkies…  so its a good one for having on during winter.
  • LAVENDER helps support a good nights sleep so is a great one to have on to enable our body to restore and rest fully.
  • LAVENDER is also know for its antibacterial and anti depressant properties so a good all rounder during winter.  Its also nice to combine with coconut oil to rub to dry flaky winter skin.
  • FRANKINCENSE helps repair the body at a cellular level and has many immune boosting and purifying properties.  Its a goodie to blend in a chest rub – or on its own with coconut oil if you are experiencing a persistent cough.
  • PEPPERMINT is great for eliminating fatigue and supporting depression.  It is also wonderful in supporting any respiratory symptoms experienced due to seasonal threats.
  • BREATHE / EASY AIR is also an amazing respiratory blend that can replace your supermarket / pharmacy chest rub!  It supports any respiratory condition using both topically and aromatically.
  • LEMON is great everywhere.  Its a cost effective mood enhancing antibacterial oil that can be used to wipe benches and be diffused to prevent and fight infection.
  • OREGANO is natures most powerful antibiotic.  Its anti-viral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory.  It should be used with caution but definitely should be used! Your immune system will be forever grateful
  • NATURAL REMEDIES for colds and coughs should also incorporate: raw honey, ginger, turmeric, slippery elm and garlic. The ayurvedic jam chywanaprash boosts immunity and supports the respiratory system – by the spoon or on a some toast is an easy way to get children to eat it. 

Below I have listed a Flu Protocol I personally like to use instead of synthetic cold and flu tablets.  You can ingest this little blend in capsules or simply layer on the bottom of your feet.


  • 2 drops lemon
  • 2 drops oregano
  • 2 drops tea tree
  • 2 drops on guard
  • Fill remaining space in capsule with coconut oil and take immediately. 2-3 times a day but no longer than 10 days.


  • 1 drop lemon
  • 1 drop oregano
  • 1 drop tea tree
  • 1 drop on guard
  • A tea spoon of coconut oil.  Apply to soles of feet, chest, back of the neck and on the throat.


  • 1 drop lemon
  • 1 drop oregano
  • 1 drop tea tree
  • 1 drop on guard
  • Diffuse for several hours
  • Diffuse Easy Air/ Breathe blend for respiratory blockages and mucus.  Particularly for sleep.

Adapting to the seasons is such a personal thing.  Our routines will all look slightly different as we have been created so uniquely, hence will all be served best in different ways.

Embrace the cold and make an effort to incorporate natural remedies, movement and rest into each day and you may just experience one of your best winters yet!


References: Modern Essentials – Health in Every Season-
Artwork: Emily Moylan, Dublin
Disclaimer: Please note I am not a medical practitioner, please consult your family doctor if incorporating herbs/oils into your regime, particularly if you are currently on medication.

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