Hello Bliss: Truth, Love, Purpose, Wellness

In developing a tag line for Hello Bliss, I wanted to capture a few of the key things that can support you towards happiness, contentment and/or your self-realisation. Whilst these are by no means gospel, for me they represent four key virtues that can support you on your journey of self-discovery, to your little bliss spot!

They are broad and you can certainly interpret them as you will or even choose to add your own helpful points under each one – follow your gut and let it be your guide.



I often think about my path, my journey, and the discoveries which are leading me to find my own truth. For me truth is my ultimate goal, it represents my self-realisation.

How can one practice their truth or start their journey to self-realisation?  Simply start speaking the truth. Listen to what your heart and intuition tell you (that’s your soul speaking). Your soul never forgets your truth even with the myriad of distractions and various roads you take, your soul always knows the way. It will get you there, be it in this lifetime or another.

To tap into your soul and truly listen, you must become still. Free the mind of chatter and create moments of tranquility throughout your day.

When you slow up, you have space to breath, acknowledge and start to slowly change the way you think about things… when you think differently about things, funnily enough they start to change too! When you see the truth you are able to view things for what they actually are and drop the attachment you have to other people, things, work and ideas.  It’s a process, but a worthwhile one to embark on.



Love is a universal language we all want it and we all need it – yes, love from others is nice, but the best kind of love comes from within, the love you have for yourself. Over the years I have had varying degrees of love for myself, my body and my mind, from these experiences I know that I am at my best and most content when I truly love myself, accept myself and forgive myself.

Look at yourself deeply in the eyes (you may need a mirror unless you are an alien and can do weird kinda things with your eyes…) and tell yourself that you, love you, with meaning and conviction. Do it, it is powerful and sometimes confronting. For further information on this, google “Louise Hay”, she has some wonderful support materials and exercises you can practice.

Secondly, always do your best to respond with love, kindness and patience to all. Conduct your days full of virtuous actions – think about what you do for work, how you talk to people, how you treat other people’s things, how you treat your own things.

Bhagavad Gita defines a threefold process for body, speech and mind:

  • Body: Dedication to a guru or god figure (Perhaps even dedication to your meditation/stillness practice or to a teacher/life coach). Act with purity, simplicity, continence and non-injury.
  • Speech: Use speech which does not cause harm or pain to others. (Including you!)
  • Mind: Cheerfulness, forgiveness, kindness, silence, self-control and purity of heart.

By using these guiding processes you are sure to cultivate more love in your world.



Taking some time to listen to your inner spirit, acknowledge what really makes you feel alive and happy, can help you find your unique gift. When you work out how to share your gift, you find your purpose and you can move forward with authenticity. Connect with this purpose and life will start to unfold naturally. Fear and uncertainty will no longer hold you back and ego will start to melt away.

It’s also important to develop and include rituals in your world, which support you emotionally and physically. These actions practiced with daily dedication help establish purpose and clarity in your life.

If you feel trapped or stuck where you are, know that you are not. Support and guidance from a life coach or teacher can help you find purpose or find the pure will you need to make change, it is possible.  If you don’t have access to one, just meditate, he or she will find you when you are ready.



We all want to be, and need to be healthy in body, mind and spirit to be balanced and whole. Living with dis-ease will never allow you to be grateful for life or reach any form of enlightenment.

As you start to live out your truth, love yourself and live life with purpose, your body will respond with wellness. Wellness will start to radiate from inside you.  Wellness includes supporting your body emotionally and physically through:

  • A controlled and clean diet
  • Non-toxic beauty and cleaning products
  • Staying connected to nature and doing things you love
  • Daily movement (for instance jogging or yoga depending on what suits your body)
  • Emotionally (through breath work, meditation and non-attachment)


As you can see these qualities cross over, support each other, result from each other and have one goal in mind. Do you want to wake each day and scream out loud… helllllooooo blisss? I know I do and hence why I dedicate major parts of my day, everyday to living out all of the above in a way that works for me.

These four aspects all can be achieved through dedication and connection to your inner voice or your divine essence.

It has been said that to develop vibrant health and self-realisation you need only practice two things: meditation and ayurvedic therapies (or your preferred version of natural treatments perhaps).

With these two things, supported by your unique truth, love, purpose and wellness rituals, you will become more spiritually and physically balanced, allowing your body to heal and feel vibrant daily. This I know to be true as I continue to experience it for myself each day with the support of teachers, friends, family and natural potions. Change the way you do things and enjoy the process that follows.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” ~ Einstein


Exercise: Why not take 30 minutes to sit down with a pen and paper and jot down a few points under each of these qualities. Think about what each means to you and a few ideas of how you can create your own daily rituals to support each quality.

Reference: Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 17) Artwork: http://www.lullushealthythoughts.com

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