Humans with a soul or souls in a human suit… Does it actually matter?

I recently had a deep conversation with a friend about our existence here on earth. It was centred on the fact that the majority of us have been living, breathing and experiencing this human experience from possibly the complete the wrong angle.

Most of us simply assume we are humans with a soul. However in actual fact we could be souls zipped up in a funky human type get-up, in which we can do all sorts of crazy fun stuff. This suit being our mode of transport, helping us get from A to B here on earth whist we fill up on the things we need to help us reach a higher state of consciousness.

One random concept which also popped up in this conversation, got me thinking for hours… what if when we experience death, we are actually waking up from a sleep or dream in another realm.

Wow… it kind of takes all the fear away from dying don’t you think? As there is most likely someone we love waiting at our bedside for us to wake up in whichever realm it may be.


Applying these two basic concepts can really help ease the fear we carry with us on a daily basis. The fear of losing control, the fear of doing something wrong, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of dying.    Fear and other low vibrating emotions such as hate and depression can become habit if you do not mindfully acknowledge the emotion and then chose to let it go and vibrate with positivity, love and happiness.

I personally think more and more people are starting to open to this idea and a massive shift in awareness and consciousness is beginning to take place. More of us are realising that everything we need is already within us.   Everything else, such as the acquisition of material possessions are simply distractions and limiting attachments which will slow the process of spiritual growth and internal peace.

We are already enough, we already have enough and life is just about lessons. Knowing this and that when we wake up (or die ;-)) we will simply be further along our path to enlightenment.

Likewise, those near and dear to us whom wake up from their human experience are also headed towards deeper consciousness and a realm where either they need to be for further growth or possibly to support and teach souls in that sphere/space. Which is awesome, and nothing to fear right?


The most amazing thing is that our souls have not forgotten the plan set out for us and have not lost their power to support and guide our human existence. It is our human minds (which are aware and always thinking) that are so clever they become conscious of our mortality and hence start to create anxiety around it. Our mind plus the onslaught of limiting beliefs and concepts from society, family and friends leave us feeling weak and somewhat brainwashed.

By knowing we are simply passing through this lifetime, accepting its impermanence and short time-span we can clearly see there is no need for the accumulation of stuff or holding onto limiting ideas… our priority should be arousing the light within to guide and support ourselves and those around us. (Though keep in mind – there is absolutely nothing wrong with having nice things, just don’t become attached to them and to the habit of accumulating more!)


Acknowledging that we are a soul dressed in a human suit can help make daily challenges less of a burden. Sure your child has a tantrum, making you late for work and on top of that you get a speeding ticket… we can’t hide from the emotions these experiences bring to us but we can look at these situations as an opportunity to grow, practice patience and look at our behavior and our response.

Know that worrying will not change anything except the mood of our day, and trust that the universe/your soul knows you are able to cope with whatever it throws your way as it has tossed it at you for a reason. So listen… breathe and learn.  There are so many magical tools you can incorporate into your day to support the process of tuning into your consciousness. These practices also help to guide you through the challenges and dis-ease that comes when we exist in the human body. Dedication to mindful living, meditation and breathing are just a few of these simple yet profound practices.


Think of your soul as perhaps your “gut feeling” that little intuitive voice that taps you on the shoulder often. If you slow down, do less and actually start to listen to these non-intrusive messages your soul is trying to send you, you can start to heal your emotional blockages and start living your truth.

So back to the question, humans with a soul or souls in human suit… does it actually matter? From my personal experience I can confidently say yes it does.   By tuning in and committing to following your soul, comes authentic contentment, purpose and happiness.


“Our purpose here on earth; to manifest the very nature of our spirit” Rumi


Post inspired by a conversation with a friend and an article in Living Now; How to use the power of your own light to guide and heal, Kathryn Hand (Clinical Hypnotherapist), Jan/Feb 2016. Image by artist Liza Hasen (via

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