Daily Rituals to Create Purpose

A few weeks ago in a moment of peace I got thinking about all of the different ways we can nourish ourselves and make not only our body shine, but our souls shine from within.

I was thinking broader than tasty superfoods and organic produce, but more towards the simple things we do day to day to bring our soul forth and shine.  Little things like our daily rituals, the space we live in and how also how we treat the environment.

Daily rituals are a great practice to help you set your mind and body up for a successful day full of positive energy which can be spread amongst family, friends and even strangers on the street.

I know for a fact many of my small – yet consistent daily actions and the clean, light, uncluttered space I call home are what make and shape me.  Our health depends on our environment, both inside your home and outside.  We need our air and soil to be healthy if we want to benefit from its energy.  Hence, a holistic vision towards living a clean life, free from dis-ease (stress) can help you, those around you and the planet.

I have a series of daily rituals which are simple ways I try to ensure I connect with body, mind and soul consistently.  They are small things I remind myself of regularly, things which are non-intrusive to those around me, but I am sure the flow on effect is subconsciously felt by those I spend most of my time with.

My rituals are things such as daily movement/exercise, doses of sunshine, salty water and fresh air, oil pulling, body cleansing, clean eating, yoga, meditation, kindness and patience.

I have listed some of the simple things I aspire to do daily.  They are essential components which make me feel like I am living well.

  • Sunshine, fresh air, daily meditation and movement (Feel your body, control your breathing and mind in amazing natural places.  Jump in the ocean, walk barefoot, hug trees).
  • Laugh, touch and develop deep relationships or connections with people (It only needs to be a small select few who are sitting on the same vibrational plane as you!)
  • Establish a network of trustworthy mentors… or inspirationals, as I like to call them (People who inspire and uplift you).
  • Make eye contact with and smile at complete strangers – its rewarding and could make their day.
  • Use soothing scents and aromas such as oily potions, candles and incense – they nurture us, heal us and evoke feelings and emotions.
  • Support organic farming when you can, refuse to buy products that contain petrochemicals
  • Look for the good in everything – the old cup is half full perspective!

I invite you to create your own daily rituals to help give your world a soulful purpose.  Remember everything is interconnected: mind, body, spirit and our earth.  Take action and create your own health and happiness… give to the people and things that sustain you and you will be nurtured and supported in ways you could have never imagined.

“We cannot change the world, but we can definitely transform ourselves. Self-transformation is essential, and not the reformation of the world. ” ~ Swami Rama


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